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There are many reasons for a visit

Welcome to the Pilsen region-the region with a long history well known for its picturesque architecture, folklore and traditions -the region where nothing is impossible. The unspoiled beauty of nature and magic mountains are in contrasts to the modern cities and towns. Pilsen region offers to visitors romantic castles and chateaux, outlook towers, mysterious underground labyrinths, nature parks hosting protected species. The region is world wide known as beer producer and it is beer and food lovers’ paradise. Make an unforgettable adventurous trip to the Pilsen region in the Czech Republic! 

Pilsen region is located in the centre of Europe near the Czech - Bavarian border. Pilsen is 80km far from the capital Prague and can be easily accessed by the British travellers by direct flights to Prague (Ruzyně airport is located 80km far from Pilsen), by car, bus (direct line London-Pilsen) or by train. 

There are many reasons for a visit. Come for a weekend or plan your vacation in the Pilsen region. You will experience place full of rich history, beautiful nature, golf courses, wellness and spa resorts. We wish you a pleasant and adventurous stay.  


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