Tradiční české jídlo / The czech traditional meal

Taste the delicious Czech cuisine or one of many local dishes.  Delicious Svičková and dumplings (creamy vegetable sauce), knedlo-zelo-vepřo (roasted pork with cabbage and dumplings),  chodské koláče ( tart), šumavský pstruh  (trout)- make your choice and tease your senses. 

Another typical Czech dish is  knedlo-zelo-vepřo- roasted pork served with boiled cabbage and dumplings. Dumplings come in different shapes and types.Taste the potato and bacon dumplings. Beef goulash is dumpling’s perfect match. Pilsen region is beer lovers’ paradise. Taste the authentic  Plzeňský guláš- goulash  made of beer.
Trout is common river fish. Taste the Šumavský pstruh - trout from Šumava mountains.

Potato pancakes called vošouchy or bramboráky are often served as a side dish. Little fried cakes made of grated potatoes and seasoned with garlic and oregano.  

Have a snack, have delicious national pride Utopenci – pork sausages marinated in vinegar and onion served with slices of bread. Another popular dish often served with beer is tlačenka- black pork pudding. It is on menu of almost every pub. 

Try the rich soup called  šumavská bramboračka – potato soup with vegetables and garlic 

Sweet dishes are very popular in this region- pancakes served with fruits and double cream, buns filled with poppy mash, plum jam or sweet cottage cheese, sweet  fruit dumplings topped with sugar and curd.
In the Domazlice region, a place full of traditions and folklore, sweet dishes are very popular. Taste  Chodské koláče- round tart topped with cottage cheese, poppy mash and plum jam. These cakes are popular family feast desert. The biggest feast is called Chodské slavnosti and takes place in August.

Pilsen region is food and beer lovers’ paradise. Beer is served  everywhere- local pubs often offer several brands. City offers wide range of restaurants. Visit the traditional Czech pub and taste one of the many local specialities. 

Enjoy your meal!!

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