Konstantinovy lázně

Konstantinovy Lázně / Konstantinovy Lázně - the famous spa

Undergo a treatment at Konstantinovy Lázně- spa resort situated at the beauatiful countryside in Tachov region. The spa services are focused on the treatment of cardiovascular system. Natural healing powers of the carbonated mineral water pumped from 40m below surface are used. The water contains the highest level of carbon dioxide of all minerals waters on the country. Taste the authentic herbal liqueur Konstantin - the locally made medicine. 

Combine your stay with trips to neighbourhood regions. Visit Bezdružice Chateau hosting glass exhibition and unique glass crib. Explore the ruined  Krasíkov Castle and the surrounded trails taking you to  Hradišťský vrch (Bronze age fortress). Do not miss the oldest Czech castle Přimda, Stříbro, Tachov and riding hall in Světec.   

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