Water sports

vodáci Otava pod Čeňkovou pilou

The region offers variety of water sports. Swimming, water skiing or rafting!

Relax on the banks of the biggest dam in the region– Hracholuská přehrada near Stříbro. Try waterskiing, play minigolf or relax by rowing or pedaling a boat.  Do not miss the romantic steam boat trip. We believe you will have a great time with your kids. Let them enjoy the water trampoline and many other attractions.

Otava and Berounka rivers are popular among rafting lovers. Sušice is the starting point for Otava rafting. The fast river flow in spring attracts all adrenaline lovers. There are other popular rivers suitable for rafting- Úhlava, Úslava, the upriver Mže and Střela. Rafts can be hired in Pilsen or in Sušice. 

There are many natural swimming ponds in the region. Visit the popular lakes in Bolevec district. The biggest lake Bolevecký rybník hosts yacht competitions. 

 Crystal clear water is typical for the Ejpovice Lake. It is famous for its red cliffs. Nearby golf course Golf Park Dyšina  belongs among the country top ten and one of its greens is located in the middle of the lake. 

The public swimming pool offers indoor and outdoor pools, water slide, sauna, whirpool, solarium and massages. It is located at the Slovany district. 

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