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Despite the highest peak reaches the altitude of 1370m the region is popular among winter sports lovers. Skiing resorts are located in Šumava and at  Český les. The biggest resorts are Železná Ruda, Prášily, Srní and Modrava. Železná Ruda offers slopes for skiing and snowboarding. Špičák snowpark is the biggest resort. 

Among the biggest  Šumava resorts belong  Železná Ruda, Prášily, Srní and  Modrava. Železná Ruda offers slopes for skiing and snowboarding. Špičák snowpark is the biggest resort. 

Skiing resorts-  45 km of skiing and snowboarding slopes and more then 50 lifts.  Most of these centres offer ski rent and ski school 

- Špičák 

- Železná Ruda (popular family resort) 

- Ski park Kašperské hory 

Smaller resorts are located at Přimda, Český les in Domažlice region and Sádek near Capartice. 

Excellent conditions for cross country skiing.  Šumava offer the most cross country skiing trails. The world champion Katerina Neumanova trained there. Plan your adventurous cross country trip to one of many popular destinations like the trip to the mouth of the river Vltava. The countryside around resorts Srní and Prášily is also ideal for cross country skiing. Take a trail along Vchyne-Tetov canal towards Modrava, From Prášily to Poledník, lake called Prašilské jezero or the Laka Lake. When heading towards the border crossing called Ferdinandovo udoli continue on the Zwieslerwaldhaus trails in Bavaria Germany. Capartice are a popular cross country destination in Domazlice region.  

Also do not miss the trips through unspoiled nature parks in Brdy in Rokycany region with less people and super white snow. 

 Skating is a popular sport in Pilsen region. The Ice rings are located in Pilsen, Rokycany, Tachov, Sušice and Tremošná (new ice stadium). After a couple of freezing days local frozen lakes and rivers become a skating place. Velky Bolevecky rybnik (pond) is packed with skaters every winter and it turns into a popular meeting point. 

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