Chodsko - region full of traditions


Are you interested in traditions and village architecture? Visit Chodsko - exceptional part of Pilsen region which preserved its individual dialect, decorative rich costumes and habits.

Chodsko is an exceptional part of the Pilsen region. Local dialect, decorative rich costumes and habits are still part of a daily life. The famous Chodské koláče, round tart topped with sweet mixtures is a popular feast desert. The local bagpipe bands please many visitors. Traditional festivals, Lent, feasts and fairs are celebrated in old traditional style. Buy the local pottery to remember this amazing place. 

Chodsko is great for hiking and cycling and nature lovers can admire the mystique of the surrounding forests- Český Les. 

Good tips: 

Chodské slavnosti a Vavřinecká pouť - biggest feast taking place at the second week of August in Domažlice 

Carnival in Postřekov - Visit the carnival parade celebrating Lent (4 days event from Sat until Tue) 

Koloveč - The technical and Crafts museum. The Magic Mill turning old ladies into young girls is the biggest attraction. 

Local architecture:
Explore the local architecture and visit Chanovice near Klatovy.  

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