Historical monuments


Pilsen city and Pilsen region are rich of history. The first records are dates 6000 year back. Enjoy the  impressive historical places of our region.

Chateaus and medieval castles in the Pilsen region.  Přimda - is the oldest castle built in Romanic style. The largest ruined castle is called  Rabí it is considered  as the most  interesting  fortress in the mid Europe. Visit the romantic castle Velhartice located on the Sumava outskirts or Kozel - hunting chateau near Pilsen. Other place o interest: Klenová near Klatovy, water castle Švihov, Kašperk, Radyně, chateau in Manětín  ( unique baroque sculpture collection), flower chateau in Nebílovy, chateau inv Bezdružice or chateau Zbiroh.

Jewisch monuments are reminder of the Jewish culture- Jevish cemeteries, preserved jewish ghetto and synagogues. The one in Pilsen belongs among three msot important in the world and second biggest in Europe - The Great Synagogue built in 1893.

The New Town of Pilsen was founded  in 1295 by  Czech king Wenceslas II. Gothic St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral dominates the  main square, centre of the historical monuments. its 102 m high steeple - highest one in the Czech Republic- offers amazing panoramatic views. Sumava peeks can be seen in good weather conditions.

Visit other historical buildings like  Renaissance City Hall, Franciscan Monastery. Many Pilsen public buildings, such as the city theatre, museum, the Burgher Hall or houses with Mikolas Ales’s sgraffiti, date back to the 19th century.  Explore the Pilsen underground- unique 17km long labyrinths of corridors pread on three levels. The underground host an archeologic exhibition.

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